Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The purpose of this blog is to go through the stories presented in the crossover series Armageddon 2001, its sequel Armageddon: Alien Agenda and the mostly-unrelated mini-series Armageddon: Inferno.

Armageddon 2001 was a crossover event that had self-titled bookend #1 and #2 issues and had subsequent crossover issues throughout various 1991 annuals.  The purpose was to introduce two new characters into the DC universe--Monarch and Waverider--and to showcase possible futures of some of the more prominent characters in the DCU at that time.  

Anyway, to keep this short, I noticed that 2016 is the 25th anniversary of this crossover, so I figured it would be nice to look back and see what was and how well some of these stories fared both then and now.  For the most part I plan to release one post per month, although I will probably group the bookend issues in the same month with another issue in order to get through the main story within the year.  Alien Agenda and Inferno will probably be covered in the aftermath.

I know this crossover is generally either loved or reviled, depending on tastes.  I hope you will be willing to stick with me and give these stories another chance.